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Carbon is not the culprit, it’s the currency that makes markets grow! Tim Snyder, Economist
Matador Economics

Why You Need an Applied Economist:

Applied Economics is one of the two sets or fields in economics, typically characterized by the application of core economic theory and econometrics, to address practical issues in a range of fields. We work in demographics, labor, business, education, development, agriculture, energy, engineering, financial, industrial organization, economic history and your business as well.

Matador Economics

We Provide Consulting

We focus on helping companies apply macroeconomic data in a consultative form to facilitate the planning process. We apply economic data like Gross Domestic Product, GDP, Consumer and Producer Prices, Durable Goods Orders and Unemployment numbers to supply and demand models to help find prices both today and for the future. By tying these numbers with econometric models, we can assist our customers in price discovery.

We Contribute Detail for Publication:

We Contribute Detail for Publication:

Economist, Tim Snyder, applies his years of experience as an applied economist, to become a featured writer for many publications across the US and abroad. Imagine having your own applied economist available to provide content for your next publication or peer review journal article.

Tim also provides a daily synopsis of conditions affecting the energy complex of markets. By evaluating previous day’s trends and applying today’s technical data and most recent fundamentals, our “Energy-Brief” daily commentary provides a glimpse into what decisions are being made to move energy prices up and down. We also provide a daily quick look at the technical side of the energy market, with our “Matador Charts” piece.

Matador Economics provides a weekly piece titled “Matador Quick Facts” that provides the most up to date data, ready for you to use when you need the data for a media event or even when writing a report for your company. Our weekly piece is written in a dashboard format, that is ready to use and available in a moment’s notice. Data like US national daily production for crude oil, current inventories for crude oil and the distilled products and US imports and exports are noted and charted over time for your use at any time.

We Participate in Communications:

We Participate in Communications:

Imagine having a communication plan, that is tied to the daily fundamentals and the technical side of the markets. With over 15-years as co-host with Jim Stewart, “Ag and Energy Voice of the Southwest,” Tim has been able to interview some of the most influential business and governmental personalities across the US. A frequent expert guest on “Energy Economics” with syndicated programs across the US, imagine your company harnessing that potential with such expertise!

We Conduct Market Analysis:

At Matador Economics, we can assist you in preparing forecast models that fit your customized needs. Feasibility studies, supply and demand analysis and marketing plans are just some of the models we can assist you with. Contact us and see what else we can do.

Matador Economics
Fundamental Analysis

We walk you through fundamental factors that are moving Interest Rates, Gasoline Prices, Crude oil price, Natural Gas and the Agricultural Commodities. Subscribe to one of our commentaries today, on the Contact page.

Technical Analysis

Together or on your behalf Matador Economics will plot technical signals in the charts that sometimes trigger a movement in prices in the commodity markets. Let Matador Economics assist you in recognizing these signals. Go to the Contact Page and request a telephone meeting to get the process started.

Feasibility Studies

Whether you are in process, developing a project feasibility study, or need help getting the whole process started, Matador Economics can help you walk through the process. We have nearly 20 years’ experience working this process.

Project Analysis

Matador Economics can assist in analyzing projects, from a macroeconomic standpoint. We focus on the affects of macroeconomics on your project and provide historical detail to provide context for your project.

Research Economics

As a company that focus’ on the macroeconomic factor that move markets, Matador Economics can assist in your research project, with more than 20 years of experience researching metrics for energy, agriculture, financial markets, interest rates and a custom.

Project Development

When you are in the process of beginning a project, Matador Economics can help with nearly 20 years’ experience beginning the development process. Give us a call and let us help through the many steps in this, most critical stage of development.

Public Speaking and Communications

With Tim Snyder, Economist, spending much of his professional career addressing audiences of any size, he can help you create a communications plan and even help deliver the key points on your behalf. Tim has co-hosted radio for more that 15 years, spoken around the world on energy, agriculture and human nutrition and he can become your advocate as well. Give us a call to set up your next program today.